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19 SEP - 05:30 PM - CineSESC
Nicolas Boone|France|2014|DCP|33 min|CI: 14 anos
Nicolas Boone dissects the violent neighborhood of Hillbrow, in Johannesburg, through a series of episodes drawn from real life stories. A man stands in the ledge of a high building, looking down. Another man gets attacked on the streets. Violence is seen as a force of rupture on this urban panorama.
Screenplay Nicolas Boone
Photography Chris Vermaak
Edition Philippe Rouy
Cast habitantes de Hillbrow
About the director Nicolas Boone was born in France, in 1974, studied fine arts in the universities of Nancy, Paris and Lyon. His first works were live performances, and he has made several short and experimental films, beyond exhibitions. His previous film, Le Rêve de Bailu (2014), was shot in China, and Kliptown Spring (2013) in Soweto, South Africa, just like Hillbrow.
Rua Augusta, 2075 | Cerqueira César
19º55'29.1"S 43º57'46.8"W