International Competition
Love Poem
By Wang Xiaozhen
114 min | 2019 | Hong Kong, China

In China, a young couple and their baby leave the city to pay a visit to their sick grandfather in the countryside. The husband, who is also the director of this movie, transformed the husband-wife relationship into a film set in the suffocating space of a car. The relationship shatters into a thousand pieces, gets into a heated argument exposing their resentments, past lies, an old lover, a missed birthday, a possible divorce and a death. But have they told each other everything?

Screenplay: Wang Xiaozhen | Cinematography: Wang Dixuan | Editing: Wang Xiaozhen, LI Xue, Hu Jiting, Chen Yuxi | Sound: Wang Songke | Producer: Zhou Qing, Wang Xuebo, LI Yang | With: Zhou Qing, Wang Xiaozhen, Wang Xiaoshuo, Wang Fuguo, Liu Yujun, Zhou Shiquan

2019 Love Poem | 2013 Around That Winter


Visions du Réel 2020, Burning Lights Competition | First IFF Xining 2020 – Best Narrative Feature, Best Performer.


Wang Xiaozhen, born in 1989 in Linqu, Shandong, is a film director, actor, and screenwriter. Founder of Beijing Non Media Culture Communication. His work Around That Winter(2013), was the opening film at Beijing Independent Film Festival and won Best First Feature at CIFF.