International Competition
By Kazuhiro Soda
128 min | 2020 | Japan/USA

Dr. Masatomo Yamamoto, a psychiatrist and the protagonist of the award-winning film Mental (2008, Kazuhiro SODA), is a pioneer in the movement to unlock the doors of mental hospitals in Japan in the 1960s. His long career spanning over five decades has been devoted to community-based mental healthcare, which puts the needs of the patients above everything else.

At the age of 82, Dr. Yamamoto is suddenly retiring from the clinical field, causing a lot of anxiety for many of his patients who have been relying on him as their lifeline for many years. He tries to spend his time to care for his wife Yoshiko.In early spring, Dr. Yamamoto and Yoshiko embark on a new life, facing challenges they never faced before.

Screenplay: Kazuhiro Soda | Cinematography: Kazuhiro Soda | Editing: Kazuhiro Soda | Producer: Kazuhiro Soda, Kiyoko Kashiwagi | Original title: Seishin 0

Zero (2020, Observational Film #9) | 2018 Inland Sea (Observational Film #7), The Big House (Observational Film #8) | 2015 Oyster Factory (Observational Film #6) | 2013 Campaign 2 (Observational Film #5) | 2012 Theatre 1 and Theatre 2 (Observational Film #3 and #4) | 2010 Peace (Observational Film Extra) | 2008 Mental (Observational Film #2) | 2007 Campaign (Observational Film #1)


MoMA Doc Fortnight 2020 | Berlinale Forum 2020


Kazuhiro Soda practices an observational method of documentary filmmaking based on his own “Tem Commandments” which prohibits him from doing pre-shoot research or writing a synopsis before filming. He imposes these rules on himself in order to minimize preconceptions and to be able to make unexpected discoveries while filming and editing. He is also the author of eight books published in Japan.